Paul Hounshell - Resume


Java, Android, C#, WPF, WCF, Linq, Oracle, SQL Server, XML, SOAP, HTML/XHTML, SQL, Remoting, VB.NET, ActiveX, MMC, ASP, ASP.NET, WSE, Web Services, TCP/IP Sockets, IRC, Excel, Access


Software EngineerOctober, 2010 

  • Designed and implemented Plus client features in Google Play Services for Android (Java, Android)
    • These libraries are available to third parties and used within other Google Android apps including Plus, Maps, GMail, Play Store, YouTube and Drive
  • Initiated and led major rewrite of AdMob client library for Android (Java, Android)
  • Led development of AdMob client library for Windows Phone 7, including product definition, implementation, and impact analysis (C#, WPF, XAML, Windows Phone 7)
  • Various 20% projects, hackathons, and experimental projects (Java, Python, C#, Android, Glass, AppEngine, Hardware design)

AdifyOctober, 2010 
Lead ArchitectAugust, 2009 

  • Led construction and utilization of MapReduce cluster and support architecture with approximately 130 billion data points (C#, Linq, Hadoop)
    • Provides rapid query development using standard C# Linq concepts
  • Led the rewrite of event processing architecture to increase capability and throughput (C#, Linq)
  • Revamped internal libraries to simplify or automate core library use and support business needs, while making migration to the new patterns as simple and automated as possible (C#, Linq)

Lab49 (Contracted to Eton Park)  August, 2009 
Senior Consultant  December, 2007

    • Developed in-house rule-base trade matching system (WPF, WCF, C#, LDAP)
      • Multiple rule DSLs with dynamic compilation (C#, WWF, Javascript)
      • Dynamic match algorithm with aggressive combinatorial analysis to find trade matches (C#)
      • Functionality exposed for native TCP clients as well as SOAP over HTTP (WCF)
    • Introduced and maintained build scripts (NANT) with database support (SQL Server, C#) and unit testing (NUnit) with automated continuous integration (CruiseControl)
    • Built custom release management tool to streamline project deployment (C#, WPF, WCF)

    Lab49 (Contracted to Eton Park)  August, 2009 
    Senior Consultant  November, 2007

    • Evaluated new technologies for use with clients (Microsoft Robotics Studio, Appistry)
    • Honorable mention at the 2008 Microsoft Financial Services Conference [Excluded from winning due to company affiliation] (WPF)

    UBS  November, 2007 
    Lead Engineer  June, 2005

    • Developed Reporting and Feed Libraries for First-Generation Risk Modeling Architecture for exotic trades (C#)
    • Designed and Led Development of Second-Generation Risk Modeling Architecture for exotic trades
      • Database provided historical data with full auditing (Oracle, SQL, OLAP / OLTP)
      • Distributed work-load over worker pool (C#, Remoting, WCF, WSE, MSMQ)
      • Led team of developers to support rapid changes in business requirements

    New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX)  May, 2005 
    Programmer Analyst  January, 2004

    • Designed and Led Development of Trading Floor Commodity Order Routing System (C#, ASP.NET, FIX)
      • Routed Electronic Commodity Orders to Floor Terminals for open-outcry trading
      • Full custom hardware support (Touchscreens, Thermal Printers, Barcode Scanners, Notification Lamps)
      • Fully Encrypted Custom Data Transmission Layer (RC5/AES, TCP/IP, UDP, SOAP, WSE)
    • Designed and Built Electronic Trading Bridge (C#, ASP.NET)
      • Provided FIX API for trading commodities on legacy electronic exchange (FIX)
      • Bridged Asynchronous Systems with wildly different protocols (TCP/IP)
      • Full administrative capabilities over all aspects (C#, ASP.NET, MMC)

    1-800 Communications  January, 2004 
    Lead Engineer October, 2002

    • Designed and Built Platform to Accept User Data (ASP, VB.NET, ASP.NET)
      • Distributed Web Site, Designed to Work Independently of Back Office
      • Separation Between Data and Presentation Layers, Multi-Lingual, Skinnable and Extensible, Allowing Rapid Redesign and Deployment (XML, VB.NET, ASP.NET)
    • Designed and Led Construction of Data Transportation and Adaptation Layer (C#, XML, SOAP)
      • Collected Data From Several Independent Sources, Transformed and Delivered
      • Rapid Reconfiguration via XML Configuration Files
      • Distributed, Fault-Tolerant, Self-Load Balancing Architecture

    Ask Jeeves July, 2002 
    Senior Consultant  April, 2000

    • Built knowledge system for storing product data and meta-data (Access, ASP)
    • Created SQL server database to record all aspects of product categories with Web UI for editing:
      • Stored Procedure API, Full User Security, Data Rollback Capabilities (SQL Server)
      • Seamless Web UI, spelling and grammar checking, on-the-fly client side graphing (DHTML, JavaScript, SVG, ASP)
    • Designed and Wrote Specifications for Internal and External XML Formats (XML, DTD, XSD)

    Adobe June, 2001 
    Quality Engineer, SVG Engineer  September, 1999

    • SVG Engineer
      • Conceived/created SVG demos for use by marketing (SVG, Javascript)
      • Created Several Demos Using Scripted and Declarative Animation (SVG, Javascript, CML)
    • Quality Engineer
      • Developed test suite for all aspects of SVG's JavaScript capability (SVG, Javascript)
      • Created numerous demos to test functionality and speed while showing off capabilities.


    Computer Science University of California at Berkeley  May, 1996
    Computer Science University of California at Davis May, 1999